Early Records

                                               Early Kornrumpf Records
                                      The following are some early records of the Kornrumpf surname in Germany.

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Hesse Cassel
in 1882

This map shows the towns and cities where our Kornrumpf ancestors lived. Most of the early Kornrumpf records were found in Hesse Cassel in an area that spans only about 40 miles.

The first recorded use of the name was in Sontra in 1470. Later records are found to the north. About 1640, during the Thirty Years War, Cyriaus Kornrumpf moved to the village of Gross Lengden near Göttingen. Kornrumpfs have lived there for more than 10 generations.

This page lists some of the towns where the early records have been found. The list is not exhaustive. It was collected from various sources which have not been verified.

If you find errors in this information or have other early records to share, please contact the webmaster.



Sontra is a village located approximately 30 kilometers southeast of the city of Kassel in the Hesse region. The earliest known records showing the Kornrumpf surname were found in Sontra.

1470   Records show that Berlt Kornrumpf paid for a house in Sontra, a small village to the south east of Kassel.

1534  - 1606   The following records about Johannes Corrumpf have been found in Sontra.

1534   He studied at Marburg university.
1545   He was a teacher in Sontra.
1555   He was reverend in Weissenhasel.
1556   He was referred to as "pious and learned".
1606   He died on November 15, 1606 in Berneburg, Sontra, Hessen, Deutschland. His birth date is estimated at about 1520.

Johannes Kornrumpf married Ursula Ewald. Their children were:

1 Balzer / Balthasar Kornrumpf. In 1595 he was a teacher in Roehrda
2 Anna Kornrumpf. In 1585 she married Kurt Roessing in Sontra
3 Johannes Kornrumpf. In 1596 he was a teacher in Sontra

1544  Theophil Corrumpf is shown in the tax register

1563  Birth of David Kornrmpf, a baker and mayor.
1584  David Kornrmpf moved into the town of Sontra.
1633  Death of David Kornrumpf October 11, 1633.

David Kornrumpf's children were:

1. Conrad (Konrad/Kurt) Corrumpf, born in 1595, a reverend.
2. Joachim Kornrumpf, a baker.

Joachim Kornrump's son was:

1. Conrad David Corrumpf, baptised September 30, 1632. Sponsor was reverend Conrad Corrumpf.

1654 - 1669   Philipp Corrumpf married Beate Gudenus on February 6, 1654 in Sontra, Hessen-Nassau, Preussen. This record and the birth records of six of their children between 1658 and 1669 are found in the International Genealogical Index.

1658   Vitus Corrumpf
1661   Johann Philipp Corrumpf
Anna Elisabeth Corrumpf
Johann Philipp Corrumpf
Anna Catharina Corrumpf
Anna Catharina Corrumpf

Gross Lengden  

Gross Lengden is a small village about 5 kilometers southeast of Göttingen. Kornrumpf families have lived in Gross Lengden since the time of Thirty Years War (1618 - 1648) and Kornrumpfs are still living there today.

1640 Cyriacus (Cyriax) Kornrumpf married Barbara Meyer on June 16, 1640 in Gross Lengden, a small village near Göttingen. The record indicates that Cyriacus was born in the year 1611 in Martinfeld in the Eichfeld region of Thüringia. Their children, all born in Gross Lengden, were:

1641 - 1692  Christoffer Kornrumpf
1642 - 1642  Andreas Kornrumpf
1642 - 1642  
Christoffer Kornrumpf
1644 - 1679  
Margarita Kornrumpf
1645 - 1648  
Margarete Elizabeth Kornrumpf
1648 - 1720  
Maria Kornrumpf
1649 - 1700  
Anna Kornrumpf
1651 - 1653  
Elizabeth Kornrumpf
1653 - 1668  
Hans Kornrumpf
1654 - 1656  
Thilo Kornrumpf
1656 - 1716  Andreas Kornrumpf
1660 - 1691  
Catherine Elizabeth Kornrumpf

1668   Christoph Kornrumpf married Anna Hampe, daughter of Hans Hampe on October 27, 1668.

1669   Maria Kornrumpf, daughter of Cyriax Kornrumpf, married Andreas Bleier on November 2, 1669.

1691   Lise Kornrumpf, daughter of Cyliax Kornrumpf, married Johann Herich Henick von der Wetterau (area near Frankfurt), on December 3, 1691

1693   Niclas Kornrumpf married Catharina Margarethe Hoppe, daughter of Andreas Hoppe on December 5, 1693.

1702 Andreas Lucas Kornrumpf married Anna Liese Renneberg from Falkenhagen on December 5, 1702

1743  Mathias Kornrumpf married Maria Elisabeth Rappe on June 16, 1743

1754  Johann Friedrich Kornrumpf, son of Lucas Kornrumpf, married Anna Catharina Bleierts on November 19, 1754.

1755  Anne Margaret Elisabeth Kornrumpf, daughter of Lucas Kornrumpf, married Johann Christoph Ebeling, son of Nicolaus Ebeling, on January 12, 1755

1776   Margarete Elisabeth Kornrumpf, daughter of Matthias Kornrumpf, married Arend Christoph Lindau of Benniehausen, son of Christoph Lindau, on February 13, 1776..

1777   Johann Friedrich Kornrumpf, son of Matthias and Kornrumpf, married Catharina Margarete Becker, daughter of Simon Becker, on November 23, 1777.

1785   Anna Engel Kornrumpf, daughter of Mathias Kornrumpf, married Johann Justus Heddenhausen of Niedernjesa, son of Christoph Heddenhausen on November 22, 1785

1792   Maria Anna Catharina (widow Kornrumpf), daughter of Rudolph Hampe, married Johann Christian Bornemann of Ebergoetzen, son of Albrecht Bornemann on December 30, 1792.

1798   Mathias Kornrumpf, a soldier, son of Johann Friedrich Kornrumpf married Sophie Margarethe Wecker, daughter of Ernest, master mason, on January 14, 1798.


Wahlershausen is a village near Kassel and is just outside the city limit today. The parish register for the years 1624 through 1702 include the following records.

1681  Johannes Kornrumpf is mentioned as a sponsor in Wehlheiden. He is described as Dr. Bourdon's servant (worker).

1698  Johannes Kornrumpf dies in Wehlheiden at age 48 on July 12, 1798. His wife is Anna Martha, who was also mentioned in the church register in 1688 as a sponsor.

1685  Hans Wilhelm Kornrumpf from Bischoffshausen [Bischhausen] near Lichtenau is mentioned as a sponsor in Wahlershausen.

1686  Johann Wilhelm Kornrumpf from Bischhausen Gericht Boyneburg [under Boyneburgk baronial jurisdiction] marries Eulalia Heusener. Their children were:

1686  Wilhelm Kornrumpf, born in Wahlershausen, died in infancy.
1690  Johann Christian Kornrumpf, born in Wahlershausen, died in infancy. Sponsor was Johann Christian Kornrumpf, his father's brother
1693  Johann Hermann Kornrumpf, born in Wahlershausen, died in infancy.
1694  Johannes Kornrumpf, born in Wahlershausen, died at age 3. Sponsor was Johannes Kornrumpf of Wehlheiden.

1702  Johann Christian Kornrumpf, citizen of Kassel was mentioned as a sponsor in 1702 for Georg Steuber's son.

1711 - 1749   The parish register of Weißenstein for the years 1703 - 1753 shows the following records for (Johann) Nicolaus Kornrumpf, son of Hans Wilhelm Kornrumpf in Wahlershausen

1711  Nicolaus Kornrumpf confirmation
1726  Nicolaus Kornrumpf mentioned as sponsor
1729  Nicolaus Kornrumpf mentioned as gardereuter (horseguardman)
1719  Nicolaus Kornrumpf marriage to Anna Catarina Dippel, daughter of Conrad D. of Wahlershausen. Their children, all born in Wahlershausen, were:

1721  Carl Philipp Kornrumpf
1723  Johann Adam Kornrumpf. Died at age 6.
1725  Johann Wilhelm Kornrumpf. The sponsor was Johann Wilhelm Kornrumpf, grandfather
1730  Nicolaus Kornrumpf, died soon after birth

1729  Hans Wilhelm Kornrumpf death on April 16, 1729. His wife was ?? Heusner.
1749  Confirmation of  Johannes Kornrumpf, Nicolaus Kornrumpf's son
1744  Confirmation of  Nicolaus Johannes Kornrumpf, Nicolaus Kornrumpf's son
1738  Confirmation of Johann Wilhelm Kornrumpf, Nicolaus Kornrumpf's son


Freiheit is located about 30 kilometers northeast of Göttingen, near Osterode/Harz. A list of house owners between 1707 and 1766 lists Elisabeth Kornrumpf, Brauerin (brewer), Mittelgasse.


Benniehausen is a small village located approximately 8 kilometers southeast of Göttingen.

1764  Johann Friedrich Kornrumpf from Gross Lengden married Maria Catharina Webers on December 30, 1764


Bischhausen is a small village located approximately 10 kilometers southeast of Göttingen.

1772  Johann Friedrich Kornrumpf married Maria Elisabeth Bleyerts, widow Rautz, on March 2, 1772

1779  Hans Henrich Kornrumpf married Maria Elisabeth Aschoff on November 18, 1779

1792  Kathrina Elisabeth Kornrumpf married Andreas Christoph Hofmeister on July 31, 1792


Landolfshausen is a small village located about 10 kilometers east of Göttingen

1745   Johann Jürgen Kornrumpf from Gross Lengden married Dorothea Elisabeth Schachtebeck on June 13, 1745.

1789   Johann Christoph Kornrumpf, son of (sackmacher) Johann Christoph, married Ilse Dorothea Kauffmann, daughter of Ackermann (farmer) Johann Joachim Kauffmann, on October 18, 1789.

1794   Johann Heinrich Kornrumpf, son of (farmer) Johann Jürgen Kornrumpf, married Anna Maria Kauffmann, daughter of (farmer) Johann Joachim Kauffmann, on June 22, 1794.


Waake is a village located approximately 6 kilometers east of Göttingen.

1707   Andreas Kornrumpf married Anna Martha Grethe on January 24, 1707.

1736  Anna Elisabeth Kornrumpf married Christoph Keyser on April 2, 1736.


Fuhrbach is near Duderstadt.

1732   Sebastianus Kornrumpf married Anna Elisabeth Heinen on September 7, 1732


Lüderbach is between Eschwege and Eisenach.

1771   Anna Catharina Kornrumpff born July 26, 1771. Married Johannes Battenhausen (1777-1847) from Netra in 1801. Died May 11, 1844 in Rittmannshausen.

1842 Johann Georg Kornrumpf. Born August 12 1842. His father was Caspar Kornrumpf. Married Barbara Eva Rabe on September 23, 1872.

Eisenach  (Thüringia)

1666   Elisabeth Kornrump married Matthias Reinhardt. She was born about 1645 and died October 20, 1679.


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