Origin of the Kornrumpf Surname  

                                               Kornrumpf Surname
                                              The following is known about early usage of the Kornrumpf surname.

Origin and Meaning

Several origins for the Kornrumpf surname have been suggested.

The Brechkenmacher's Dictionary indicates that the name was derived from an occupation. Kornmesser translates as "a weigher of wheat" and rumpf is a dry measure (middle high German). This translation was provided by the library staff at the New York City library to Mrs. Michael Kornrumpf

Dr. E. Kornrumpf suggests that the name was associated with the profession of miller. The kornrumpf was the wooden funnel (rumpf) of a mill where the grain (korn) was placed before being ground by the millstone. The English translation would be "hopper."

It should be noted that all known descriptions and depictions of the Kornrumpf coat-of-arms include one or more sheaves of wheat.

First Mention of the Name

1534    Brechenmacher's German Surname Dictionary listing for the surname states that the earliest known mention of the Kornrumpf surname name was in 1534 by Johannes CORRUMPF from Sontra in Hesse.

Other records show the Kornrumpf name being used as early as 1470.