Köster Genealogy
   Dalvers bei Berge, Niedersachsen, Germany in the 1970s

Berge Street
Our Köster ancestors were born in Dalvers, a small village near Berge, in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), about 30 miles northwest of Osnabrük.
The Altar
Interior of the Catholic church in Berge where our  Köster ancestors worshiped.
Dalvers dates from the 12th century and has hills running along the eastern edge of the village. Thus its name is derived from the old German word "Dalwede" which meant "in the yards."
Where Köster's were Baptized
This is the place in the church where our ancestors were baptized.
Catholic Church
Dalvers is a very small community that does not have its own Catholic church.This is the Catholic Church in the nearby town of Berge, where our Köster ancestors were baptized.
Kösters in Germany
In 1972, Sr. Pauline Wittry and David Nieland (standing) visited Lena and Franz Köster, who are first cousins.
Catholic Church
Another v iew of the Catholic Church in Berge. Dalvers is about 1.8 kilometers northeast of Berge.
Kösters in Germany
Lena and Franz Köster with Sr. Pauline Wittry in front of their house in Dalvers. This is the house where Anna Köster worked just before she emigratied from Germany.
Cemetery in Berge
The cemetery in Berge is now a Protestant cemetery. The Catholic Church can be seen in the background.
Kösters in Germany
Sophia Köster Lassey (center) with Sr. Pauline Wittry and David Nieland in front of her house in Dalvers bei Berge about 1970.

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