Called to the Faith
    Die von Gott Berufenen
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Clair Boes
Father Clair Boes

Marvin J. Boes  Updated
Reverend Father Marvin Boes

Norbert J. Boes (1914–1971)
Father Norbert Boes

Steven Boes
Father Steven Boes

Suzanne Gross
Sister Mary Suzanne, FSE

Mary Koester  (1906–1984)
Sister Mary Fidelma, FSPA

Florence Koester (1923–2002)
Sister Florence Koester, FSPA

Othmar W. Koester (1914–1995)
Reverend Monsignor Othmar W. Koester

Rosa Anna Koester (1902–1937)
Sister Mary Silvana, FSPA

Daniel Henry Mueggenborg  Updated
MonsignorDan Mueggenborg

Cecilia Angela Nieland (1906–1972)
Sister Mary Anthusa, FSPA

Christine Bernadine Nieland (1905–1985)
Schwester Maria Licariona

Elizabeth Nieland (1884-1957)
Sister Mary Florina, FSPA

Ione Nieland       
Sister Ione Nieland, FSPA

Ione C Nieland  
Chaplain Ione C Nieland

Marlene Nieland
Sister Mary Irene, FSPA

Mary Magdalene Nieland (1892–1972)
Sister Mary Sigmunda, FSPA

Anita Cecilia Poeppe (1930–1995)
Sister Anita Poeppe, FSPA

Maria Rave (1911–
Schwester Maria Patricia, SND

Christopher M. Reising new
Father Christopher M Reising

Laurine Schettler (1918–2002)
Sister Karen Schettler, FSPA

Lucille Schettler
Sister Lucille Schettler, FSPA

Zeno Riesing (1908–1976)
Right Reverend Msgr. Zeno Reising

Pauline Ann Wittry
Sister Pauline Wittry, FSPA

Donald Wolf
Father Don Wolf


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