Nieland Family Links

The following links are provided as a starting point for anyone interested in further researching the Nieland family history.


  Family Pages  Internetseite der Familie


> Köster
> Pappe
> Stallman (Berning)
> Schettler
> Stenert (in Weseke, Germany)
> Wittrock

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  American Genealogy Research Familienforschung in Amerika


> Cindi's List of Genealogy Sites
> Familysearch
> Online Records
> RootsWeb
> US GenWeb Project
> Cousin chart


  American History   Geschichte von Amerika


> The Making of America
> American Memory


  State and County  Familienforschung - Land und Staat


> Iowa Genealogy
> Iowa Bureau of Vital Records
> Carroll County GenWeb
> Iowa State Historical Society
> Iowa Genealogical Society


  German Genealogy Research  Familienforschung in Deutschland


> Regional Research
> Research Outline
> Germany GenWeb Project
> German Genealogy Links
> Telephone Book
> Verwandtschaftsbeziehung

  Language Translation  Sprachenübersetzung

> Babel Fish
> Free Translation

> German-English Dictionary


  Geography and Maps  Geographie und Karten

> United States Counties
> US Geological Survey Query
> 1895 US Atlas
> Google Maps
> Via Michelin - Europe
> FEEFS 19th Century Europe

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