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Herman and Nieland return visit to homeland - July 1956

Bernard Christopher Nieland (1874-1957) emigrated to America in 1895 and Hermann Franz Nieland (1885-1958) emigrated in 1910. This photo was taken in July 1956 during the brothers' return visit to Germany.

Left to right: Josefa Katherina Nieland (1907-1982), Hermann Nieland, Franziska (Heisterkamp) Nieland (1913-1983), Bernard Christopher Nieland, Heinrich Bernard Nieland (1914-1986). Hermann and Bernard were the uncles of Josefa and Heinrich.

This photo probably accompanied a photo album that Josefa sent to Hermann. The album was filled with photos taken during Hermann and Bernard Nieland's 1956 trip.

Handwriting on the back of the photo says: "Bruder Heinrich, Sein Frau Franziska und ich, diese Franziska und Heinrich gönnen dir das Album." English translation: "Brother Heirnich, his wife Franziska and I, Franziska and Heinrich give you this album."

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This photo is from Herman Franz Nieland's photo collection, which was provided by David Nieland.