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Richard Pappe's Homestead

1907 Atlas of Kingfisher County, Oklahoma

Richard Pappe filed a homestead claim on June 21, 1889 in Section 23 of Kingfisher township. The legal description of the property in his claim was: "S.E 1/4 Sec. 23, Tp. 16. N Range 7 West containing 160 acres".

He later amended the claim to Section 30 of Grant Township. The legal description of the property in his final homestead papers dated December 11, 1891 is: "E 1/2 NW 1/4 Lots 1 and 2, Township No. sixteen (16) W of Range No. Six (6) W of the Indian Meridian, Oklahoma containing 162 48/  acres." He paid Two hundred dollars for the property.

In 1901 Richard Pappe acquired an additional 160 acres adjacent to his homestead in Section 30 for $2000. This land is described as the "E 1/2 of the SW 1/4, lots 3 and 4 of Township 16N Range 6W of the IM". It appears that he then owned the entire western half of Section 30 -- about 320 acres. This property was deeded to his son, Richard Jr., in 1942.

Richard Pappe's land can be seen in section 30 of Grant Township in the 1907 Atlas. Each township is one mile square. The farmhouse is shown on the map as a black square and a branch of the Rock Island and Pacific railroad runs through the southwest corner of the property. Note that Section 26 shows the owner of the southeast quarter section as A.J. Seay, governor of Oklahoma Territory from 1891 until 1893.

Click on the map to enlarge section 30

Click on the map to enlarge section 30

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