Pappe Family History

1894 Map of Enid, OT showing probable location of Rock Island Saloon and Vienna Bakery

The inside cover of Albert Pappe's Child's Health Primer book has been stamped with the following words: "Office of R. PAPPE, "Vienna" Bakery, Confectionery & Restaurant ... best brands of wines and liquors, North Enid, O.T., 189_." Richard Pappe lived in Enid for a time and one of his children, Wilhelm Hermann Pappe, was born there in 1895. The photo of the Rock Island Saloon and Vienna Bakery in the Photo Gallery that was taken in 1893 is probably the establishment shown on the map below. The map shows the long deep saloon on the on the left side of the building and a wider bakery portion on the right side. The oven is shown at the back.



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1894 Map of Kingfisher, OT showing location of Pappe Saloon


In July of 1899, Richard Pappe applied for a license to sell liquor at lot 22, block 7 of Kingfisher, O.T. In 1894 that location was already shown as a saloon on Main Street near the corner of Main and Robberts Avenue on the town map. The saloon building is currently occupied by an Office Supply business.






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