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Richard Pappe's Birth Record

December 5, 1860, Stotternheim, Germany

A photocopy of the church birth register from the Evangelical church in Stotternheim, Germany shows that Richard Pappe Sr. was born on December 5, 1860 and baptized there on December 23rd. It also shows that he was the legitimate son of Gottfried Wilhelm Pappe and Johanna Katharina Heinemann Pappe. His father is described as a local citizen (ortsbürger) and farmer (anspänner). His mother was born in Rockhaussen.

The village of Stotternheim is 10 km north of the city of Erfurt, and Rockhausen is about 8 km south of Erfurt in the state of Thüringen. Thüringen is in the central part of the country in what was formerly East Germany and is known as the "Green Heart of Germany." Erfurt, the capital of Thüringen, is a city of 200,000 people that has been a cultural, religious, and commercial center for many centuries. Many of its buildings the date from the 13th century and have been carefully restored to their original style. Stotternheim and Erfurt are best known for their connection with Martin Luther, who was in Stotternheim in the year 1501 when he was nearly struck by lightening and decided to become a monk. He was educated in Erfurt and returned there often throughout his life.

There are no Pappes living in Stotternheim now; however, there are several descendants of Richard's half-sister -- the daughter of of Gottfried Wilhelm Pappe and his first wife, Sophie Pokel -- living there today. Mrs. Irene Baumgarten remembers meeting Louise Pappe Jersak when she visited them in the early 1970s. The address of the house where Richard Pappe was born is shown in the church register as 129 Herrengasse. That house still exists, although the modern street name is Schwanseer Strasse and the house number is 23. Pappe descendants live only a few houses away from that address. Heineimann family members still live in Rockhaussen.

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Passenger List


New York Arrival

Ships Passenger List

Louise and Richard Pappe Sr.'s arrival to America

The passenger list for the ship on which Louise and Richard Pappe Sr. arrived shows that they were steerage passengers and had an 11 month old infant named Robert traveling with them. The name of the ship was the Peter de Connick and its captain's name was Falk. The ship departed from Antwerp, stopped in Denmark to pick up additional passengers, and arrived in New York April 3rd, 1882. Richard's occupation is listed as "farmer." He was 22 years old and Louise was 21 at the time of their arrival.

Passenger List Information:

Pappe, Richard
Age: 22
Sex: M
Occupation: Farmer
The country to which they usually belong: Germany
The country to which they intend to become inhabitants: U.S. of N. America
Died on Voyage: blank
Part of the vessel occupied by each passenger during the voyage: steerage (from previous page)

Pappe, Louise
Age 21
Sex: F
Occupation: blank
rest same as above

Pappe, Robert
Age: 11/12 months (could be read as 4/12 months)
Sex: M
Occupation: blank
rest same as above

New York arrival information:

District of New York, Port of New York

I, Falk, master of the SS Peter de Connick, do solemnly, sincerely, and truly swear that the following List or Manifest, subscribed by me and now delivered by me to the Collector of Customs of the Collection Department of New York is a full and perfect list of all the passengers taken on board of the said vessel at Antwerp from which port said [vessel] now arrived; and on said list truly designated the age, the sex, and the occupation of each of said passengers, the part of the vessel occupied by each during the passage, the country to which each belongs, and also the country of which it is intended by each to become an inhabitant, and that said List or Manifest truly sets forth the number of said passengers who have died on said voyage and the names and ages of those who died.

Sworn on this April 3d, 1889. [unreadable word] (signed) G. C. Falk  So help me God.

List or Manifest of all Passengers taken aboard the SS Peter de Connick whereof [initials] is Master, from Antwerp burthen [blank] tons.


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Louise Kornrumpf 's Birth Record

June 25 , 1861, Gross Lengden, Germany

A photocopy of the church birth register from the Evangelical church in Gross Lengden, Germany, shows that Henriette Mathilde Louise Kornrumpf was born on 25 June 1861 and baptized there on 28 July 1861. Her name was formed from the names of her three godmothers: Henriette, Mathilde and Louise. She was the seventh of eight children born to Ackermann (landowner/farmer) Christian Andreas Wilhelm Kornrumpf and his wife, Christine Louise (nee Becker) Kornrumpf.

Louise and her siblings were the eighth generation of Kornrumpfs to live in Gross Lengden, a small village just east of Göttingen, that is located in central Germany near Hartz Mountain the state of Hesse. The first Kornrumpf to live there, Cyriacus, moved to the area from the Eichfeld during the Thirty Years War. Cyriacus was born in Martinsfeld in 1611 and died in Gross Lengden at the age of 91 in 1702. There are no remaining church records from Martinsfeld for the period when Cyriacus Kornrumpf was born, but his birthplace and date can be derived from other records.

The following is a translation of the German text from the birth and baptism book of the Parish of Gross Lengden:

Year: 1861   page: 50    No.: 18

Place of the birth: Gross Lengden

Sex of the child: girl

Full names of the child: Kornrumpf, Henriette Mathilde Louise

Day and hour of the birth in the year 1861: June 25, three o'clock in the afternoon

Parents, name, status and residence: Farmer Christian Andreas William Kornrumpf and his wife Christine Louise nee Becker of Gross Lengden

Date of baptism: 28 July 1861

Baptizing witness, name, status and residence
1. The unmarried Henriette Grüpner of Grossen Lengden
2. The unmarried Mathilde Gotthardt residing in this place
3. Miss Louise Deppe of Rosdorf

Remarks: --

Name of the church book leader and date: Fehsenfeld, 3. August 1861

Transcription of the original German text

Jahrgang: 1861   Seite 50     Nr.: 18

Ort der Geburt: Grosslenlengden

Geschlecht des Kindes: Mädchen

Voller Namen des Kindes: Kornrumpf, Henriette Mathilde Louise

Tag und Stunde der Geburt im Jahre 1861: den fünfundzwanzigsten Juni drei Uhr Nachmittags

Eltern, Namen, Stand und Wohnort: Ackermann Christian Andreas Wilhelm Kornrumpf und dessen Ehefrau Christine Louise geborene Becker zu Grosslengden

Tag der Taufe: den 28 Juli 1861

Taufzeugen, Namen, Stand und Wohnort:
1. die unverheirathete Henriette Grüpner zu Grossenlengden
2. die unverheirathete Mathilde Gotthardt daselbst
3. die Jungfer Louise Deppe zu Rosdorf

Bemerkungen: --

Name des Kirchenbuchführers nebst Datum: Fehsenfeld, 3. August 1861

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Pratt, Kansas City Directory

1887 - 1888

The following listings were found in the 1887-8 City Directory of Pratt Kansas:

People pages:

Pappe, R., baker, Main St.

Classified Business Directory:

BAKERS.--C. Griffin, R. Pappe


The city of Pratt is located in the geographical center of Pratt County, and is one of the healthiest cities in the state. It is on the north bank of the Ninnescah River. Its streets are built on a gentle incline which gives it perfect drainage. It is surrounded by one of the most fertile bodies of land in the southwest. For commercial advantages it has no equal. To the business man, the mechanic or the capitalist wishing, to invest, Pratt offers big inducements The census taken Sept. 9th gives it, a population of 2,500 making in increase in the last twelve months of 1,200. Its streets are broad with incline to both the north and south. The stranger looks in wonder, to see at this dull time, the business our merchants are doing at all hours of the day. The streets are lined with teams. Everyone is busy. There is perhaps no town of its size in the stat building such handsome buildings. They are built of pressed brick, from two to four stories in height. They will have when completed the finest hotel west of Wichita. It will be heated by steam and lighted by electricity and gas.

Pratt's educational advantages are second to no town in the state. They have a large substantial schoolhouse containing six rooms. Six teachers are employed. The Methodist, Christian, Presbyterian and Catholics have good commodious houses of worship. The Baptist, too, have also an organization and intend the coming year to erect a large house of worship. The Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, and United Workmen have flourishing lodges.

Pratt also has a complete system of water-works, electric light and street railway. Her railroad facilities are second to none. The Wichita & Western, of the Frisco system, have a line through the city and intend to make the division at this point. The Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska or C.R.I&P., have just completed their line into the city. They have put a fine passenger and freight depot also a roundhouse and other railroad buildings they have also five miles of sidetracks completed. Pratt is composed on an enlightened and enterprising class of citizens who are willing to do anything toward the advancement of their town.

Pratt has always been a good business trading point. She has always been blessed with a live class of businessmen who have never allowed an opportunity pass to increase the prosperity of the town…

Pratt is destined to be the city of the southwest. Large manufactories will soon be added to swell the population, which will in five years undoubtedly be a city of 20,000 inhabitants. Advantages are offered to the poor as well as the rich. There is plenty of employment at all times for all classes. Now is the time to invest while property is cheap.

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Johanna Catharine Heinemann's Birth Record

(Richard Pappe Sr. and Albert Pappe's mother)

March 11, 1824, Rockhaussen, Germany

A photocopy of the baptismal register in Rockhaussen, Germany, shows that Johanna Catherine Heinemann was christened on 11 March 1824. Johanna Catherine Heinemann Pappe was the second wife of Gottfried Wilhelm Pappe and the mother of five Pappe brothers. Rockhaussen is located a few kilometers south of Erfurt, in Thüringen. The Pappes lived in Stotternheim, a few kilometers north of Erfurt, and all of the children were born there. At the time that they were born, Stotternheim was in Sachsen (Saxony). The border later moved and it is now in Thüringia.

The following is a translation of the German text from the Baptismal register of the Evangelist church municipality Rockhausen 1824, P. 109:

Johann Heinrich Heinemann

On the 11th of March as on the Thursday before Reminiscere Sunday in the afternoon about 3 o'clock, to the local Christian neighbor and resident, Johann Heinrich Heinemann, and his wife of a Christian marriage, Anna Elizabeth nee Graeser from Kirchheim, for the 5th time a young daughter was born to the world. On 16th of this month of March, on the Tuesday after Reminiscere, appeared the father of the child and indicated: that this child should receive holy baptism at home because of weaknes. For godparent was chosen the Confirmata Johanna Catharine Reichart, eldest daughter of the local resident and [loan insurer?] Johann Nicol Reichart, from whom the child received the Christian names Johanna Catharine.

Transcription of the original German text:

Johann Heinrich Heinemann

Am 11ten Maerz als am Donnerstag vor dem Sonntag Reminiscere Nachmittags gegen 3 Uhr ward dem hiesigen christlichen nachbarlichen Inwohner Johann Heinrich Heinemann von seinem christlichen Eheweibe Anna Elisabeth geb. Graeser aus Kirchheim - siehe fol 106 etc. 76, 6 - zum 5ten mal ein Töchterlein zur Welt gebohren. Am 16ten dieses Monats Maerz als am Dienstage nach Reminiscere erschien der Vater des Kindes und zeigte an: daß dieses Kindt schwachheits halber die Heilige Taufe im Hause empfangen sollte -; zur Taufpathe war erwaehlt die Confirmata Johanna Catharine Reichart, aelteste Tochter des hiesigen Inwohners und Contributions Heimbuergen Johann Nicol Reichart - von welcher das Kind die christlichen Namen erhielt Johanna Catharine.

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